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Aims of the Network

Research Culture Enablers Network

RCEN meets every two months:

  • Group networking 'roadmapping' activity around a specific research culture challenge
  • Sector updates on Research Culture
  • Presentations by RCEN members
  • Presentations by external guest speakers
  • Questions for the Network and informal networking
Meetings will ordinarily take place virtually via Microsoft Teams.

There will also be a hybrid event on 17 September 2024, as a satellite to the International Research Culture Conference.

Research Culture Enablers Network Aims

In the sign-up form, new members are encouraged to share what they would like the network achieve. A common theme is a desire to share knowledge, advocate for positive change, and develop support for those most affected by research culture issues:

  • Knowledge exchange, both within the network and with external partners, leveraging our collective expertise and resources.
  • Practical solutions, including guidance, tools, frameworks, metrics and evidence-based initiatives that can be evaluated and implemented to drive positive change.
  • Focus on inclusivity, promoting diversity of participation and creating a sense of belonging and support.

The Way Forward

Network members have expressed a need for the following approaches:

  • Identify who is most impacted by research culture issues and/or who is missing from current conversations
  • Address other inequities eg. career stages, disciplinary silos and other areas of marginalisation
  • Horizon scanning for research culture opportunities, including funding
  • A discussion on current definitions of research culture and if we can add to these as a network
  • Co-create tractable targets and meaningful measures for research culture
  • Sharing best practice, especially 'easy wins' or initiatives that can be implemented with limited resources
  • Training, with a view of improving thought leadership and career development of RCEN members
  • Shadowing and mentoring within the network
  • Leveraging our collective voices to drive change