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Research Culture Enablers Network

"Let's elevate the conversation on Research Culture and co-create practical solutions to shared challenges"


All too often, institutions work disparately on research culture initiatives, when synergy would be far more likely to reduce duplication and achieve positive results. In response to changes in the sector forecasting a growing role for research culture, there has been a drive to create or expand research culture enabling teams.

The Research Culture Enablers Network (RCEN) aims to build on this momentum and unite motivated colleagues in these pivotal roles to gather critical mass around priority areas. By working together, we can improve our thought leadership and be mobilised to respond more strategically to upcoming opportunities to shape the future of research culture for the better.


RCEN has been created as a solutions-focused group designed to exchange, debate, and challenge ideas surrounding research culture, with a view to remove inequities in conversation and engage collaboratively in opportunities to identify gaps, create new knowledge and effect change.

  • Connect with colleagues who have a professional stake in driving research culture agendas within the practical realities of institutions – whether they have 'Research Culture' in their job titles or are directly involved in managing activities to nurture more inclusive and responsible research environments

  • Contribute to ongoing discourse around barriers and enablers to improving Research Culture and join our collective effort to move challenges forward and standardise best practice

  • Develop collaborations and joint opportunities to improve our evidence bases and undertake novel research on Research Culture