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Access to Sulis

EPSRC Access to HPC Calls

These run approximately twice per year. Researchers within the EPSRC remit can apply for allocations of CPU and/or GPU resources to be consumed within a period of up to one year.

We expect the next access to HPC call to open in July 2022. Please monitor the appropriate EPSRC funding opportunities page.

Deadline for technical assessments : TBA

Deadline for applications to EPSRC : TBA

Applications should be aligned to the purpose of the Sulis service. The application process requires the completion of a Technical Assessment (TA) which should be submitted to the Sulis service in advance of submitting a proposal to EPSRC.

Exploratory Access

Exploratory access is available to researchers wishing to gather benchmark data or test software compatibility in advance of an application. Please contact us via

HPC Midlands+ Consortium

Researchers based within the HPC Midlands+ Consortium can access Sulis via their local research computing teams.