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Provisional Work Timetable for the Warwick Commission on International Financial Reform

29 January 2009

First meeting of the Commission - University of Warwick, UK

25 March 2009

Second meeting of the Commission - Berlin, Germany (in the context of conference on Financial Architecture after Subprime with BMW Stiftung, 26-27 March 2009)

April-May 2009

Interviews and Evidence Sessions: Selected members of the Commission will hold special work meetings and interviews in a number of locations, taking evidence from senior policy makers, academic specialists, interested NGO groups and relevant private sector actors. Meetings in London, Brussels and possibly New York.

June 2009

Drafting Group Meeting and Draft Preparation

June - July 2009

Commission Feedback

July – August 2009

Final Draft Preparation

Late August 2009

Third meeting of the Commission (location to be confirmed)

September 2009

Final Document

October 2009

Launch of the Warwick Commission report on International Financial Reform – Istanbul, Turkey