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BRP Card Collection

**Please be aware that as of January 2021, we have currently closed the office and are unable to offer BRP collection events. All staff are working from home. This arrangement will be reviewed regularly and students whose BRPs have already been received will be contacted as and when we are in a position to re-open.

For students who make a Student Visa application from 20 January 2021 and use the ACL code on their application, arrangements will be made for the BRP to be delivered directly to their UK address under the UKVI's BRP ACL Post Arrival Process (PAP). The Immigration and Compliance Team will contact students who this applies to in due course regarding what steps need to be taken.

The information below is relevant when the University is operating a collection service as usual:

Only students whose BRPs will be received by Warwick under the Alternative Collection Location (ACL) provision will need to attend in-person to collect their BRP and complete their enrolment. All other students will be able to complete their enrolment remotely.

Students who have chosen to have their BRP sent to the University under the ACL provision should wait until they have received an email confirming we have received the permit before making an appointment to collect it at a scheduled event. Details of how to make the appointment will be included in the email. YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED ANY PERIOD OF SELF-ISOLATION REQUIRED PRIOR TO COLLECTING YOUR BRP.

All students who complete Course Registration will receive an email with instructions of any further actions required before their enrolment can be completed or to simply confirm their enrolment has been completed. Please check your emails regularly for any information in relation to this.

There are some Enrolment FAQs which you may find helpful. If you have a specific query regarding the collection of your BRP, please contact If your query is regarding course registration, please contact

Please find below a schedule for when and where the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP Card) Collection Events at Warwick will take place for new international students subject to immigration control in the UK, during the main arrival period for the 2020/21 academic year.

You should have completed Course Registration and received an email from the Immigration and Compliance team confirming your BRP has been received prior to attending one of these events to help us to complete your enrolment as quickly as possible. You can find access Course Registration via

Please be aware that if your BRP has been received by the University it does not matter if the date you collect your card is more than 10 days after your arrival in the UK, however you should make every effort to collect it as soon as possible upon your arrival (BUT THIS MUST AFTER ANY PERIOD OF REQUIRED SELF-ISOLATION HAS TAKEN PLACE).

Event Details:

Date Time Who Where
Wednesday 7 October 2020 - onwards (end date tbc) **NOTE THAT THIS IS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED By appointment only


Booking Required - You should log in using your Warwick ITS login and go to the Current Student section and click on Appointments. The option to make an appointment for BRP collection will be available.

You should not book an appointment until you have received an email from the Immigration and Compliance team confirming your BRP is ready for collection.

You MUST bring with you your original passport which contains your temporary travel visa and the letter from the Home Office confirming the details of your Tier 4 visa.

Study Abroad and Immigration Service Reception; 1st floor, University House