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BRP Card Collection

Only students whose BRPs are to be received by Warwick under the Alternative Collection Location (ACL) provision will need to attend in-person to collect their BRP and complete their enrolment. All other students will be able to complete their enrolment online. Students who have chosen to have their BRP sent to the University under the ACL provision will receive an email to confirm once their BRP has been received and is ready for collection with instructions for making an appointment to collect it at a scheduled event. Full details of how to make the appointment will be included in the email. You must wait for email confirmation that your BRP has been received before attempting to make an appointment.

Making an Appointment

You will be contacted by the Immigration and Compliance team once your BRP has been received and is ready for collection. The email will contain instructions for how to book an appointment to collect your BRP. Please wait for this before attempting to book. You do not need to collect your BRP within 10 days at this time, just make sure to book an appointment for as soon as you are available once asked to do so.

Please ensure that your appointment is booked for a time after you have completed any mandatory period of self-isolation/quarantine following your arrival to the UK.

You must make sure you complete Course Registration before you attend your appointment, and once you arrive in the UK, please upload your visa entry stamp via the Enrolment Dashboard. You need to have completed Course Registration first to have access to the Enrolment Dashboard.

Attending your Appointment

Please make sure you only attend at your booked time in order to ensure appropriate social distancing at the event.

You must bring with you:

1) Your original passport which contains your temporary travel visa

2) The letter from the Home Office confirming the details of your Student Visa

3) Your Warwick Student ID card, if you have already received this

4) A face covering, which must be worn at the event unless you are exempt

You must not attend your appointment if:

1) You have not yet completed any required period of self-isolation/quarantine

2) You have any coronavirus symptoms

Further Guidance

There are some Enrolment FAQs which you may find helpful. If you have a specific query regarding the collection of your BRP, please contact If your query is regarding course registration, please contact