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The dashboard

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The dashboard is your personal homepage in Moodle.

Your courses

Your dashboard contains links to all of the courses you are enrolled on in Moodle. This will include your academic modules, as well as supplementary courses, e.g. study skills.

Modules and other courses

Your courses will be available under Modules and other courses and are organised in tabs by academic year. Courses not assigned to an academic year are listed in the 'additional courses' tab.

Starred courses

You can make your favourite courses easier to find by adding them to Starred courses. To add a course, simply click the star icon to the right of the course name in Modules and other courses. To remove a course, click the star icon again.

The Moodle dashboard (click to enlarge).

The site menu

In the site menu, you will find:

  • Useful links
  • The  accessibility toolbar, where you can change the contrast, font, and font size of your Moodle
  • The day/night (light/dark) toggle
  • Notifications
  • Messages
  • The user menu. Click your initials/profile image for links to your profile, site preferences, grades, calendar, and to sign out

Other features

The dashboard also offers other key features, such as:

  • The timeline, which displays your Moodle deadlines and calendar events
  • The block drawer. Click the dark blue and white chevron icon on the right-hand side to view 'blocks', such as the calendar

Important announcements may occasionally be displayed on the dashboard, for example informing users of site maintenance.

What next?

Please review our other Moodle student guides for advice on getting started.