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Submit online assignments via Moodle

Assignments in Moodle

You will have accessed Moodle to look at course materials but will have mainly submitted work via Tabula as Word or PDF files. Moodle also has an assignment function.

What do I need to do first?

  1. Login to Moodle
  2. Find your module on your dashboard
  3. Navigate to and around a Moodle module space

How do I find my assignment in Moodle?

The guide above gives you an overview of how Moodle spaces are organised.

Your assignment, indicated by the hand holding a document icon and the name of the assignment next to it, will appear in one of the sections in the center of your Moodle module space. Your tutor will provide you with details for how to find it and when it is due. Additionally, if the assignment has a due date, you will be sent notifications to ensure that you do not miss your deadline in Moodle (as well as email if you have this setting enabled) and these will have a link to the assignment.

Click on the assignment icon or name to open the assignment submission screen which will have a different appearance depending on the type of assignment you are submitting.

Check your timezone in Moodle is set to your local timezone in your profile so that your notifications arrive at the correct time.

Moodle assignment types

You will be asked to submit one of the following types of Moodle assignments:

  1. File - usually this will be a Word .docx or a PDF file
  2. Mahara - linking to a personal eportfolio on
  3. Audio or Video - using our media hosting service
  4. Online text - by typing text directly into an editing window in Moodle

Submit a file

  1. Find your assignment and click on it to open the submission window
  2. Click on Add submission
  3. Either:
    • Drag and drop your file(s) onto the central box
    • Upload a file.
      1. Click on the file icon  
      2. Select Choose file and browse to your document
      3. Select your file and click on Open
      4. Click Upload this file
  4. Click on Save changes to submit the file for grading.
If enabled by teaching staff, Word and PDF files will be automatically submitted to Turnitin. Find out more about Academic Integrity.

Submit a Mahara ePortfolio

Mahara ePortfolios are used, for example, to record practice-based learning and as placement workbooks.

You can learn more about Mahara by attending one of our training courses or browsing through the Mahara guides. There is also lots of useful information on using Mahara online at

  1. Finalise the page(s)/collection(s) you want to submit in Mahara.
  2. Navigate to your assignment in Moodle and click on it to open the submission window.
  3. Click on Add submission. The submission window will show all pages and collections available to submit. You can click on the link to open Mahara to check which version you are submitting.
  4. Select the assignment page or collection (aka eportfolio) from the list.
  5. Click on Save changes to submit for grading.

Your portfolio may be locked when it is submitted so that changes cannot be made. In Mahara, your page or collection will have a yellow box around it to indicate that it is locked.

Submit audio or video using eStream

Moodle integrates with eStream, a media streaming service available to all staff and students at Warwick accessed at Your submission can be uploaded directly to eStream from the Assignment page in Moodle:

  1. Find your assignment in Moodle and click on it to open the submission window.
  2. Click on Add submission.
  3. The Upload a Video or Audio file window will open.
  4. Click the Browse button, select a video or audio file to upload, then click Upload.
  5. Click Save changes to submit for grading.

Submit online text

Online text is submitted directly into the assignment submission window using Moodle's built-in editing tools.

  1. Find your assignment in Moodle and click on it to open the submission window.
  2. Click on Add submission.
  3. Add your text to the Online text box. You can use the available tools on the editing toolbar to add images, format text, insert tables etc. For longer responses, please write the text first offline and then copy-paste the content.
  4. Click Save changes to submit for grading.
To avoid loss of data, we recommend you write your text in a word processing application, such as Microsoft Word, and then copy-paste the content into Moodle. Remember to save what you're working on regularly to avoid any loss of data in the unlikely event of internet connection loss, for example.

Sometimes you may be required to press a Submit button to finalise your submission, or you may be able to edit your submission until the due date and time. This is one of many settings which may differ between assignments or modules.

What about Tabula?

Tabula is the University's primary 'assignment management' tool at Warwick and, depending on your department, you may still need to use this.

For example, if you are submitting your work via Moodle, your department may also ask you to submit a blank document to Tabula in order to use the special workflow tools built into it. You will be provided with details for this by your department if so.

Please note that Moodle is not integrated with Tabula. You will not see assignments or marks from Moodle in Tabula unless they are also added to Tabula by your department.

You can read about Tabula in the Tabula manual which has a specific section for students (click the Student button under Browse by Role to see specific guides).