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Create and edit video content

This is a simple introduction to options you have for creating video to share with teachers and peers or for assignments and coursework.

All software listed are free on their respective platform, and in many cases are installed by default as part of the system. These are basic programs so have limited functionality but are simple to use and cover all the basic features you are likely to need so are the fastest way to get started.

In this guide:

Capturing video

On-screen, from webcam or on-the-go via mobile.

Capturing what is on screen for a presentation or demonstration

Windows 10

PowerPoint is available as part of Office365 via your Warwick email and has a built-in screen capture feature. This is not limited to just capturing presentations but can capture anything you have on-screen along with microphone audio. Once captured this media can then be exported as a mp4 file.

The office365 suite can be downloaded and installed from here:

PPT screen cap guide:


Quick Time has a screen recording feature that allows you to capture anything you show on the screen along with microphone audio if you choose.

Capturing your web camera for a head and shoulders presentation

Windows 10

The built-in Camera application will allow you to capture video


Quick Time has a recording feature that allows you to capture your webcam along with microphone audio if you choose.

Photo Booth also supports the capture of video from a built-in or connected webcam

Capturing on the go with a mobile device

Remember to think about the camera orientation, landscape is usually better for sharing video online.

Apple mobile

iMovie can be installed on mobile devices offering simple capturing and editing on the go.

Android Mobile

Most manufacturers have a proprietary video capture app that will vary from phone to phone.

The YouTube app can be used to capture straight to your YouTube account.

Editing your videos

Windows 10

Windows 10 has a Video Editor app which replaced Windows Movie Maker, it can be found by pressing the Windows key and searching video editor. You can also select the Video Projects tab from within the Photos app.


iMovie may be preinstalled on your Mac, if not it is available via the apple store for free on Mac


Apple mobile

iMovie can be installed on mobile devices offering simple capturing and editing on the go.


Your device may have a proprietary editor within the video software.

Basic trimming can be done directly in the YouTube app before upload.

Sharing your videos

Video for coursework

You may have been asked to submit your video as part of an assessment. If this is the case, you can upload directly to the assessment activity in Moodle, Mahara, or Tabula.

Submitting assessments in Moodle -

Sharing a link and embedding

If you want to share your content via a link or embed you can upload the file to eStream then use the share function to link or embed where you want it. Moodle also has an eStream plugin making it easier to add video throughout, for example within forum posts.

Use eStream and Stream to share video student guide -