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Untitled by Ad Reinhardt

Untitled by Ad Reinhardt
Accession Code: wu0034
Title: Untitled
Date completed:
Medium: Prints
Location Name: Picture Store
Location Floor: 0

This print is part of a portfolio of 10 screenprints, published in an edition of 500 by Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, Connecticut. These prints by leading American artists of the 1960s, demonstrate how appropriate the medium was for the hard edged style of post-painterly abstraction.

The prints were commissioned by Sam Wagstaff, Curator of the Wadsworth Athenaeum. He said that he wanted people 'to get as big a hunk of the current aesthetic as they could as cheaply as possible'. Wagstaff asked each artist to provide a design; a proof was returned to them for approval and/or adjustment.

Reinhardt was deeply influenced by the purity of Arabic and Oriental Art and travelled extensively in the Near and Far East between 1958 and 1961. He distilled and purified his compositions until he achieved his most subtle paintings which are composed of nearly black trisected squares, an approach he used for this commissioned screenprint.