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For The Guli Dance, No.12 Opus 610A by Alan Davie

 For The Guli Dance, No.12 Opus 610A
Accession Code: wu0775
Title: For The Guli Dance, No.12 Opus 610A
Date completed: 1970
Medium: Painting
Location Name: Medical School
Location Floor:

Davie's approach to painting is analogous to performing jazz - something he did professionally early in his career - where the keynotes are improvisation and spontaneity. He describes his work as 'intuitive', drawing on the rich sources of allusion and imagery stored in the subconscious.

His work frequently incorporates images and symbols from other cultures, ranging from ancient Egyptian to Carib and Hopi Indian and Australian Aborigine. In this example the reference is to Davie's collection of African Guli masks originally used in ceremonial dances.