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Cosmic Signals I by Alan Davie

 Cosmic Signals I by Alan Davie
Accession Code: wu0815
Title: Cosmic Signals I
Date completed: 2000
Medium: Painting
Width (mm): 1524

This work is the first of a series of 14 called Cosmic Signals. His work frequently incorporates images and symbols from other cultures, ranging from ancient Egyptian to Carib and Hopi Indian. The inspiration for this example came from the cave paintings of the Chumagh tribe from California. Possibly painted by Shamans, the imagery refers to cosmic forms, stars, planets etc.

This painting was a gift from the artist to the Warwick collection in 2004. When discussing the work Davie linked it to music, mentioning what he called 'colour movements' and 'chordal combinations' - "one colour against another is the equivalent to different chords ... (though) unlike music which is purely abstract, a painting can't be completely abstract - it always relates to something known".