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Anthony Frost

Born 1951

Anthony Frost was born in St Ives, Cornwall, son of Sir Terry Frost one of the leading post-war English abstract artists. He studied at Cardiff College of Art from 1970-1973 (BA Hons, Fine Art) and returned to Cornwall to set up his studio, quickly establishing himself as a painter with a distinct visual language in which strong, primary colours, abstract shapes, gestural mark-making and irregular surface textures are combined.

Unlike his father’s paintings, they do not reference visual experience of light, space, movement and colour in the natural world but rely on the combination of improvised forms and seemingly random juxtapositions of colour on supports which often incorporate a wide range of found materials such as sacking, plastic netting, sailcloth, bed sheet and scrim. His aim is to create what he called ‘totally abstract’ work, he has quoted the minimalist artist Donald Judd who said that “representation is a kind of noise that gets in the way…”

Since his first solo show at the Newlyn Art Gallery in 1979, he has been featured in regular one-man exhibitions with an almost annual frequency, as well as numerous group exhibitions. His work is represented in more than twenty public gallery and corporate collections.


Magnetic Fields
Bleached Blues