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Anya Gallaccio

Born in 1963 in Paisley, Scotland and studied at Kingston Polytechnic and Goldsmith’s College from where she graduated in 1988. In the same year she was represented in the ‘Frieze’ exhibition, curated by Damien Hurst which brought together a generation of young artists which became known as the YBAs (Young British Artists). Since then she has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the U.S.A.

She is known for her sculptural installations which frequently use organic materials such as flowers, fruit and vegetables which gradually wilt and die during the unpredictable life of the work. When the process of decay is complete the works are destroyed. Ephemerality is a major aspect of her practice, transformation and degeneration displayed in her work challenge conventional, romantic notions of art and culture, life and death.

She was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2003.

Spider's Leg at 400x