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Arnold Daghani

Born 1909 Sucueava, Romania. Died 1985, England.

Arnold Daghani's experience reflects that of many Jews, living in central Europe during the twentieth century. Growing up in a German culture, his region was annexed by Romania in 1918. In the 1930s he lived in Fascist controlled Bucharest and then moved to Czernowitz which was under Soviet control. Soon after he settled there, the Nazis, invaded the region and began the deportation of Jews. In June 1942 Daghani was sent to a forced labour camp in the Ukraine He escaped and went into hiding in Romania. At the end of the war he moved to Israel, France, Switzerland and then England.

His work addresses his experience in the labour camp. An archive of his drawings and writings was bequeathed to the University of Sussex.

The Stations of the Cross:Title Page
The Stations of the Cross: Introduction
Jesus devant Pilate - Before Pilate 1
Jesus est charge de la patibulum - Condemned to the Cross II
Jesus tombe - He Falls III
Jesus rencontre sa mere - My Son IX
Simon de Cyrene aide Jesus a porter sa croix - Helping to bear the Cross
Veronique essuie la face de Jesus - His face is wiped VI
Jesus tombe - He falls again VII
Jesus recontre les femmes de Jerusalem - Meeting the women of Zion VIII
Jesus tombe - The Third Fall IX
Jesus depouille de ses vetements - Stripped of his clothes X
Sur la terre - Laid on the earth XI
Les clous enfonces - Nailed to the wood XII
Descente de la croix - Descent from the cross XIII
Depose dans la sepulcre - Laid in the tomb XIV