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Forest 2011 - 2 Planet by Atsuo Okamoto

Forest 2011 - 2 Planet by Atsuo Okamoto
Accession Code: wu0909
: Forest 2011 - 2 Planet
Date completed
: 2011
: Sculpture
: Black Basalt Boulder
Width (mm): 1500
Depth (mm): 1000
Location Name: Outside
Location Description: Senate House Lawn
Location Floor: n/a

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This sculpture is one of three gifted to the University by the artist. The three works were exhibited in Atsuo Okamoto's first London exhibition in 2011 at the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Art and Design.

The starting point for each of these works was the drilling of holes into the boulder. This drilling is very precise and carefully calculated in order that each of the separate drill holes meet in the centre of the stone. The carving then continues around selected holes, producing pipe-like shapes. These can be quite geometric or more organic as in the case of Forest Planet - 3. Sound is often an integral part of the Artist's work as demonstrated in two of the three pieces. Atsuo believes that stones hold memories and the sound played within the stone (produced and recorded by the artist) is an attempt to give voice to these memories.