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Atsuo Okamoto

Born 1951, Hiroshima. Atsuo Okamoto completed an MA in sculpture in 1977 from Tama Art University in Japan. He has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally and has won many prizes.

Okamoto's work explores the properties of the stone with which he works and the way it changes over time. In his Turtle project a sculpture was split into separate sections using a traditional Japanese carving technique known as Wari Modoshi, in English splitting and returning. These sections were then sent out to collaborators from all around the world. The sections were returned to the artist after one to five years and the sculpture was put back together again. The changes in the stones became a visual record of the different conditions in which they had been kept. Okamoto believes that stones hold memories and often integrates sound into his sculptures to explore these ideas further.

Forest Planet - 3 2009
Forest 2011 - 2 Planet
Forest 2011 - 3 Planet