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Aubrey R Phillips RWA

Born 1920, Astley, Worcestershire. Died 2005.

Aubrey Phillips was a landscape artist who acknowledged Turner and the Impressionists as his main influences. He studied at Stourbridge School of Art and at Kidderminster School of Art where he was taught by Cyril Lavenstein, a celebrated exponent of the techniques of watercolour and pastels which Phillips used throughout his career. He lived in Malvern in Worcestershire and painted extensively in the area as well in Wales and Scotland. 

Phillips was awarded a Gold Medal at the Paris Salon in 1966; he exhibited at the Timaeus Gallery, Birmingham (1981) and the Patricia Wells Gallery, Thornbury (1988), a solo exhibition of his work was shown at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

He lectured at Malvern Hills College and Bourneville School of Art and published eight books including 'Atmospheric Landscapes in Watercolour' (1990), 'Watercolour Painting' (1997) and 'Painting with Pastels' (1993), he also made an instructional DVD with the same title.


Breezy Day, Northumberland Coast