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Briglin Pottery

The Briglin Pottery was set up in 1948 by Brigitte Goldschmidt and Eileen Lewenstein in the west end of London.  The name of the pottery derives from a corruption of the first names of its founders. 

They aimed to produce domestic pots that were well designed, attractive and affordable.  Donald Mills worked with them from 1948-52 and Anthony Barson joined the pottery, specialising in painted decoration. 

Brigitte married in 1950 and is perhaps better known as Brigitte Appleby.  Eileen left Briglin in 1959 to set up her own studio.  Both women were active in the forming of the Craft Potters Association and served it for many years.  The pottery closed in 1990. Brigitte Appleby died in April, 2000 and Eileen Lewenstein in March, 2005.

Decorated Mug