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Clyde Hopkins

Born 1946 in Bexhill, Sussex.

Studied Fine Art at the University of Reading from 1965-69.

Colour and gesture are hallmarks of Hopkins’ energetic paintings, often large-scale and with a flavour of street art, which were well received when he emerged in the late 1970s. His first solo show was at the Serpentine Gallery in London in 1978 and since then he has exhibited regularly throughout the UK, as well as in New York and Kirchgzarten in Germany.

Hopkins has also had influence as a teacher with appointments first at Winchester School of Art as Head of Painting (1982-1987) and Head of Fine Art (1987-1990) and thence to Chelsea College of Art in 1990 as Head of Painting until 2006 when he retired as Emeritus Professor.

He was awarded the Mark Rothko Travelling Scholarship in 1980 and the London University Lorne Award in 1998.

South by South East