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Eric Ravilious

Born: 1903. Died: 1942. Nationality: British.

Eric Ravilious went first to Eastbourne School of Art and then to the Royal College of Art in 1922 where his tutor was Paul Nash, and his fellow students included Edward Bawden and Douglas Percy Bliss. With Bawden and Cyril Mahoney he painted murals for Morley College, London from 1928-30 in which year he became an Instructor in Design at the Royal College of Art (the Morley College murals were later destroyed by enemy bombs during the blitz).  He was a prolific and versatile artist - painter, wood engraver, lithographer, book illustrator and designer of furniture, textiles, glass and ceramics, notably for Wedgewood. 

When the Second World War broke out in 1939, he first worked in the Observer Corps before being asked by the Admiralty to become an Official War  Artist.  He spent some time at the naval depot in Gosport and also covered military action in Norway; he was stationed in Iceland in 1942 where he disappeared, assumed killed, on a reconnaissance flight.



Diving Controls 2
Working Controls While Submerged