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Blink by Frea Buckler

Blink by Frea Buckler
Accession Code: wu1032
: Blink
Date completed
: 2016
: Prints
: Screenprint
Width (mm): 640
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Physics
Location Description:
Location Floor: 

© Courtesy of the artist.

Usually Frea Buckler’s screenprints are unique. She prints them herself, quickly and intuitively, making decisions whilst racing against the drying of the ink. In this work, produced in collaboration with the Jealous Gallery and the Smithson Gallery, Buckler handed over the printing to the Jealous team, who worked through the process with her. The print was produced in an edition of 40.

This print is from a series in which Buckler aims to evoke the impression of light. She uses rhomboids of translucent, bright fluorescent colours to suggest a shape that is three dimensional. The title implies a human response to the image: other titles in this series include ‘Dazzle’ and ‘Glow’.