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Frea Buckler

Born 1974.

Frea Buckler studied Fine Art Printmaking at Central St Martins before completing a Masters in Multi-Disciplinary printmaking at the University of West England in Bristol.

Buckler’s practice includes sculpture, mural painting and screen printing. The last technique has become a major focus of her work and she approaches the process in an intuitive and spontaneous way, picking a shape or colour, sometimes randomly, sometimes suggested by a found or observed form. She freely improvises to create bold, geometric images in which chaos and control are balanced. They have been compared to unfolded boxes or origami but she believes them to also relate to human feelings, emotions and behaviours.

Buckler’s first exhibition was at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol in 2007, since when she has exhibited regularly at a number of venues including the Royal Academy (2014, 2016,2018), the Smithson Gallery, Bristol (2015, 2017) at the Jealous Gallery, London (2017, 2019), the Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin (2018) and the Space Gallery, Denver USA (2019).