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Kilve-Stream Vibrato I by Gerald Clements

Kilve-Stream Vibrato I by Gerald Clements
Accession Code: wu0017w
Title: Kilve-Stream Vibrato I
Date completed: 1973
Medium: Prints
Location Name: Senate House
Location Floor: 0

The coast at Kilve Bay in west Somerset overlooking the Bristol Channel has a rich and complex range of geological features; an outcrop of Jurassic Blue Lias contains alternate layers of black shales and limestone, intricately patterned with joint lines and faults. At the shoreline the limestone forms jointed ‘pavements’ from which metre high domes protrude, formerly fluid escape structures formed during the initial creation and settling of the earth’s crust.
These structures and patterns were obviously a source of fascination for Gerald Clements and provided him with the subjects for the twelve prints in his Kilve Bay series.

Kilve-Steam Vibrato I suggests a stream running across the rock-strewn limestone shore into the sea.