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Gerald Clements

Born 1936. Died 2000.

Gerald Clements was born in Darfield, a traditional mining village near Barnsley in Yorkshire. Despite having an interest in art he was pushed to study Latin rather than art at Wath on Dearne Grammar School. It was fortunate that upon training as a teacher at Worcester College of Education art was included in the Primary Education course and it was here he had the opportunity to do some painting. At the end of his training he began to teach art at a local Secondary School and when this was reorganised into the comprehensive system he came under the Art Department at Wath on Dearne comprehensive school. His commitment to printmaking was sparked by a weekend course given by the artist Michael Rothenstein, a passionate and innovative printmaker, also in the University art collection. Clements developed a method of making prints from blocks, hand cut from card, using a scalpel to create the patterns he required. He had no access to a printing press so he adapted an old wooden roller mangle and used his living room as a studio. He tended to create prints in small editions, finding the production process tedious and being impatient to move on to his next idea. For a few years he sold his prints in several London galleries.

Many of his ideas for works were drawn from the land and the sea. The Quantock Hills and the shoreline in Cannington in Somerset, where he lived for a time, were a particular inspiration for him.

He had an exhibition at the Acorn Gallery in Exmouth in 1974 and a critic, John Onley, writing in the Arts Review journal in June 1974 comments upon Clements' series of prints based on Kilve Bay in Somerset: 'The suite is a sensitive and wittingly inventive, expression of the rhythms of landscape. Clements transforms rock formations, water movement, fossil structures into formal, rhythmical patterns, with appropriately musical titles'. Three of the eight works in the Warwick collection are from this series.

Rocky Foreshore II
Cathedral IV
Steart Common II
The Harbour II
Growth Pattern-Variation II
Kilve-Stream Vibrato I
Kilve Driftwood Dulcet
Kilve - Rock Symphony
Delta 1
East Looe Church, Cornwall 1