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Toltec by Harry Thubron OBE

Toltec by Harry Thubron OBE
Accession Code: wu0548
Title: Toltec
Date completed: 1984
Medium: Sculpture
Location Name: Humanities Building
Location Description: Psychology Labs

Highly regarded as a teacher, Thubron taught at Sunderland, Leeds and Lancaster Colleges of Art and various institutions overseas. He tried to break down the barriers between art departments; he encouraged painters to weld steel and fibreglass and architects to paint.

He produced many such collages, influenced by the debris on the Camino Real, a road in Andalucia, Spain. He wrote: 'People living by the roadway throw their rubbish onto it; cans, paper, plastics, that are then pressed and shaped by the daily cavalcade. My walk is the start of my visual experience, and the inevitable coming together of families of form - these objects are shaped by the elements and man's daily activity.'