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Harry Thubron OBE

Born 1915, Bishop Auckland, County Durham.  Died 1985.

Harry Thubron attended the Sunderland School of Art from 1933-38, and then to the Royal College of Art in London from 1938-40.  He returned to Sunderland becoming Head of Fine Art from 1950-55.  Devoting himself to teaching, he progressed to Leeds from 1955-64, Lancaster from 1964-66 and Leicester from 1966-68.  He was Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois in 1965-66, and from 1971 he taught part time at Goldsmith's College of Art in London.

Initially a figurative artist, he turned to abstraction making reliefs composed of wood, spun copper, brass and resins.  After 1965 he made collages out of found objects, the materials of everyday life.