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Jaime Gili

Born 1972

Jaime Gili, was born in Caracas, Venezuela to Catalan parents in 1972.

Gili began his initial art training in Caracas before moving to Barcelona in 1989 to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Barcelona University where he was awarded a Licenciatura (BA equivalent) in 1995. The following year he moved to London to take an MA course at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1998. Subsequently he was awarded a Ph.D. from Barcelona University in 2001.

He continues in a tradition of Latin American abstract painting which is often kinetic or optical in nature. He is best known for his large abstract murals. In 2009 he completed the world's largest public art project 260,000 square along the tops and sides of 16 large oil tanks in Maine, USA.

He has exhibited extensively in group shows since 2000 with solo exhibitions at major venues in Barcelona (2000), London (2003-2017), New York (2010), Madrid (2011), Bogota (2014), Miami (2019) and elsewhere.

Collections which have acquired Gili’s work include: the Saatchi Collection, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Royal College of Art, Essex University, L’Oreal Madrid and the Banco Mercantil, Caracas.

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