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Johnny Spencer

Born: 1949 Died: February 2021. Nationality: British.

Johnny Spencer is an artist who places himself outside the art world economy in order to address the nature of contemporary society. His work has addressed the significance of information in the late twentieth century and early years of this century. He notes the growing economic and social importance of the leisure industry and how it now encompasses culture, education and sport.

"Like everyone I was inadvertently becoming informationalised. I remember feeling the need for more information, more knowledge in order to understand these changes. This enormous shift from our collective industrial past was transforming not only work and social practices, but how an individual sees the world, others, and ultimately how they understand their self. At the point where industry is replaced by information in economic terms it's not so much about de-industrialising the human condition as "informationalising" it."

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The Poor
The Mouflom