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Hine, Margaret

Born, Derby 1927. Died, 1987. Nationality: British.

Studied at Derby School of Art and Design; Central School of Art and Design; London, University of London, Institute of Education.

One of Margaret Hine’s tutors at the Central School was the New Zealand born potter William Newland (1919-1998) whom she married in 1950. They went on to have a long and successful joint career, becoming particularly known for their enthusiasm for colourful tin-glazed earthenware in contrast to the duller stoneware pottery made popular by Bernard Leach and his followers in the 1950s. It was for Newland, Hine and their colleague Nicholas Vergette that Leach coined his disparaging term ‘The Picasoettes’. (They were better known in the pottery world as 'The Bayswater Three'.) In 1949 they had travelled to Malaga to study tin-glazed Hispano-Moresque pottery and the following year they saw the Arts Council exhibition ‘Picasso in Provence’. The work they produced from their studio in Bayswater reflected these two influences and their pottery, ceramic tiles and sculptural pieces rapidly became essential components of interior design schemes in the rapidly expanding coffee bars in central London.

Like her husband, Hine taught ceramics for number of years – at Barnet College of Further Education (1950-54) and High Wycombe School of Art and Design from 1965, becoming Senior Lecturer in charge of Ceramics in 1972.

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