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Cappadocian (Blue) by Mary Fedden

Cappadocian (Blue) by Mary Fedden
Accession Code: wu0366w
Title: Cappadocian (Blue)
Date completed: 1971
Medium: Painting
Location Name: Social Sciences
Location Description: Law
Location Floor: 2.17

© the Artist’s Estate. All Rights Reserved 2019/ Bridgeman Images

Much of Fedden's work has been inspired by the extensive travels she undertook with her husband Julian Trevleyan. The scenes she paints, however, are imaginative interpretations rather then literal transcriptions of the landscape. In this image of the extraordinary landscape of Cappodocia in Turkey, she evokes, in a characteristically quirky way, the eroded volcanic features of the area. Cappodocia is aften compared to a moonscape and Fedden's version, with its subtle colour variations and flattened perspective, conveys an eerie atmosphere.