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Butterflies and Fruit by Mary Fedden

Moths by Mary Fedden
Accession Code: wu0766
Title: Butterflies and Fruit
Date completed: 1990
Medium: Painting
Location Description: Lounge

© the Artist’s Estate. All Rights Reserved 2019/ Bridgeman Images

Mary Fedden's art grows out of her life and reflects its objects and occasions, in the studio, the garden and the world beyond. Mary Fedden uses strong, simple forms which are characterised by clear, bright colours. Although her images may appear naïve at first, they represent a refined ability to distill the essence of everyday reality.

The artist donated this painting to the University in 1997 and sent the following notes:

'There were no particular influences in the painting of this picture. I suppose at the time I was in a "white" period. I have white, blue, red and black periods (seldom green or yellow) and was successful in keeping the paint loose with broken edges. I fight the tendency to paint "hard-edged". I like this painting and am trying to get back to this style.'