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Murray Robertson

Born 1961

Scottish artist Murray Robertson studied at Glasgow School of Art. He is renowned for his skills as a printmaker, using traditional printing techniques, etching, lithography and screen printing, as well as contemporary methods such as digital imaging and printing. The natural world and the relationship between humanity and the environment are major themes in his work; the imagery in his richly illustrated prints draws upon sources in historical records, cartography, botany, physical sciences and art history, frequently incorporating textual elements.

He often works collaboratively with other artists, particularly in his role as Master Printer at the Glasgow Print Studio.

Robertson has exhibited widely in the UK as well as further afield in the USA, Finland and Japan. Residencies include those at the Sir JJ School of Art in Mumbai, India and the International Symposium on Digital Printmaking in Mexico. He was elected Member of the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts in 2017.