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Satellite I by Noémie Goudal

Satellite I by Noémie Goudal
Accession Code: WU1010
: Satellite I
Date completed
: 2013
: Photograph
: Lightjet Print
Width (mm): 2080
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Oculus Building
Location Description: 0C0.02
Location Floor: 0

©Noémie Goudal, courtesy Edel Assanti

Presented by the Contemporary Art Society, 2015

A prevalent theme Goudal's work is the juxtaposition of reality and fantasy, her enigmatic photographs often combine images of the natural world with artefacts of human culture.

In the case of Satellite 1, an example of 20th century brutalist, concrete architecture from India is embedded in a natural, untouched tropical jungle. It is partly a comment on man’s ‘invasion’ of the natural world and an invitation to imagine some sort of narrative account suggested by the scene.