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Antonina, Tatiana and Nastya Ploskovo by Olya Ivanova

Antonina, Tatiana and Nastya Ploskovo by Olya Ivanova
Accession Code: wu1006
: ntonina, Tatiana and Nastya Ploskovo
Date completed
: 2010
: Photograph
: C-type print
Width (mm): 470
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Millburn House
Location Description:
Location Floor: 1


In her portraits of the inhabitants of Kich Gorodok, Olya Ivanova aimed to depict them in the same formal style as the professional village photographers who were invited to take pictures of weddings, funerals, children and feasts from the beginning of the 20th century.

There are few men in this town. Many have left to find work elsewhere but the dominance of women also betrays the high mortality rate of Russian men. Research shows that of the Russian men who drink three half-litre bottles of vodka every week, most are dead by the age of 54.