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Olya Ivanova

Born 1981, Moscow, Russia

Received BA in literature, 1998 and graduated from Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow), 2014.

Olya Ivanova is documentary photographer whose work has been published in newspapers and magazines around the world.

She has made a particular study of the inhabitants of remote villages in Northern Russia, focussing particularly on women who are the dominant forces in the community. Her photographs have a powerful sense of place and her insightful portraits reveal both character and emotion, demonstrating the degree of trust and sympathy shared equally by her and her sitters.

In addition to journalistic commissions and the publishing of photography books she has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Moscow, London, New York, Washington DC, Liege, Paris and Bologna.

She has received awards from the Photojournalism Development Fund, Moscow, 2010; the Photo Circle Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2010; the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, (Honourable mention), London, 2011 and the Asian Women Showcase, Thailand, 2013.

Anna Alexeevna, Kich-Gorodok
Antonina, Tatiana and Nastya Ploskovo