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Oranges and Lemons VII by Peter Sedgley

Oranges and Lemons VII by Peter Sedgley
Accession Code: wu0184
Title: Oranges and Lemons VII
Date completed: 1980
Medium: Prints
Location Name: Senate House
Location Description: Wellbeing Support Services
Location Floor: 1

Peter Sedgley's work is all about optical effects and is influenced by the 'Op' Artists of the 1960's such as Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely; both of whom are represented in the University's collection. Their art was influenced by the Impressionists who used dashes and dots of colour to create a picture. This means that our neural responses have to work hard to pull the dots together to form the image.

Our eyes also have to strain in order to see which colours have been used and where they begin and end in this work. We naturally try to make sense of it and begin to see groups of colours. This is a dynamic print which is full of fast moving optical effects.