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Victor Vasarely

Born 1908, Pecs, Hungary.

Victor Vasarely studied at the Muhely, Budapest.  He was greatly influenced by Russian Constructivism and by Mondrian and Kandinsky.  In 1930 he settled in Paris, earning his living first as a commercial artist.  From 1940 he exhibited regularly with Galerie Denise René.  In 1955 he founded the Manifesto Movement.  He became a French citizen in 1960.  In an age of mass communication he proselytised for the mass distribution of artists' work through techniques of replication, and created the idea of the multiple'.  His own work relies on geometric form to create the optical effects of Kinetic Art.  His work was extremely influential in Britain and America, the work of Peter Sedgley and Bridget Riley being indebted to it.

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