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Piers Browne

Born in Shropshire in 1949.

Trained at the Byam Shaw School of Art (1968-70); immediately after this Browne spent a year travelling to study and copy art works in museums throughout Europe. He also spent some time painting in Africa and the work from these trips formed his first exhibition in Malvern in 1971. From 1972-1975 he attended the Royal Academy Schools and also learned etching at the Studio of Hugh Stoneman in Islington, London.

As well as a painter and printmaker, Browne is an author and illustrator. In 1988 he illustrated an edition of ‘A Shropshire Lad’ by A E Housman and the following year published ‘An Elegy in Arcady – A E Housman and A Shropshire Lad’. In 1991 he wrote and illustrated ‘William Wordsworth – A Lakeland Anthology’ which won the W H Smith Illustrated Book of the Year Award; a book of etchings and verse ‘Wensleydale’ was published in 1994 and ‘The Glorious Trees of Britain’ in 2002.

Browne’s paintings and prints have been exhibited frequently and extensively throughout his career and his work has entered numerous public and private collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Ashmolean Museum, the Bodleian Library Oxford and the British Library in London.

Ellerkin, Wensleydale