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Robert Indiana

Born 1928, Newcastle, Indiana, USA.

Died 2018, Maine USA

Robert Clark adopted Indiana as a surname in homage to his home state. He studied at the John Herron Art Institute in Indianopolis and the Art Institute of Chicago from 1949-53. He visited Britain in 1953-54, attending Edinburgh College of Art and London University. He moved to New York in 1956. Regarded as a first generation Pop Artist, his inspiration came from the highways of America and the part of New York, Coenties Slip, where he lived and worked for years, using stencil printing as his hallmark. In this love of letters and numbers his work may be compared to that of Jasper Johns and to Tom Phillips. He developed a hard-edged style during 1957-59 and from 1960, made use of variations on the circle.

He died on 19 May 2018. His gallery, Waddington Custot, published an obituary: Robert Indiana Obituary