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Rob Olins

Born 1956.

Rob Olins trained first at Barnet College from 1976-1977 and then at Wolverhampton Polytechnic from 1977-1980.

Rob Olins is a sculptor who describes his work as on the boundaries of art and science; he uses modern engineering techniques combining digital and sound technology with laser and other light sources to make sculptural installations in response to specific architectural or outdoor settings. The objective of public engagement is a strong element lying behind many of his projects.

His work has been widely exhibited in galleries and at festivals throughout the UK as well as in Germany. Belgium and Italy. His permanent installations include those at the Hilton Hotel, Durban S.A., (2002); Haverhill Gateway, Suffolk (2004); Swansea Point, Wales (2009); Warwick Law Courts (2010) and Birmingham Repertory Theatre (2014).