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Sally Smart

Born 1960 in Quorn, South Australia.

Sally Smart studied Graphic Design at the South Australian School of Art (Diploma 1981) and Painting at the Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne (PG Diploma, 1988 and Master of Fine Arts 1991).

Her work explores issues such as gender and identity politics and the relationships between the body and culture. Her practice reflects that of Dada and Surrealist artists, using collaged assemblages, in Smart’s case typically featuring images of shadow puppetry, ballet choreography and costume and using a variety of media including felt cut-outs, painted fabric, screen printing and photography.

Since 1990 she has exhibited frequently and extensively throughout the world: in Australia, America, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Brazil. The list of significant art collections acquiring examples of Smart’s work is equally international.

The Pedagogical Puppet Cutting and Tearing No.1
The Pedagogical Puppet Cutting and Tearing No.2