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Parish Map, Old Milverton by Simon Lewty

Parish Map, Old Milverton by Simon Lewty
Accession Code: wu0301
Title: Parish Map, Old Milverton
Date completed: 1986
Medium: Drawing
Location Name: The Oculus
Location Description: Open area
Location Floor: 0

Simon Lewty's map was commissioned by the ecology group Common Ground for their exhibition Artists' Parish Maps, involving eighteen artists from all over the country. It represents a walk through fields near his home, along the parish boundary between Leamington Spa and Old Milverton in Warwickshire.

James Hamilton, writing in 1992 noted "Lewty gives us the path itself, winding like a wire-worm from one edge of the work to the other with the idea of a long field enclosed by raised earth banks, a trace of water and a group of half-timbered Warwickshire barns". Some of the fields Lewty recorded in 1986 have since been built over.