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Needle of Knowledge Obelisk by Stefan Knapp

Needle of Knowledge Obelisk by Stefan Knapp
Accession Code: wu0916
: Needle of Knowledge Obelisk
Date completed
: 1993-94
: Sculpture
: Enamel on steel and stainless steel
Width (mm): 1250mm (base)
Depth (mm): 1250mm (base)
Location Name: Outside
Location Description: Rear of Ramphal
Location Floor: 

Donated by Eric and Jean Cass through the Contemporary Art Society, 2012.

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Stefan Knapp was born in Bilgoraj in Poland. He took up art as a means of dealing with the trauma of his experiences prior to and during the war. His formal art training was carried out at St Martin's School of Art and the Slade School of Art.

For many of his major works his medium was fired enamel on steel sheet, a technique which he spent years researching and developing. His work tends to be abstract, often influenced by natural, organic forms expressed in pure, bright colours.