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Terry Shave

Born: 1952. Nationality: British.

Terry Shave is a painter, draughtsman and teacher.   He trained at Ipswich School of Art, Loughborough College of Art and the Slade School, London.  He is currently Professor of Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University.

He identifies the main theme of his work as "order and chaos and the transience of existence which encompasses both biblical and mythical implications as well as the mundane".   Shave is inspired by landscape as well as abstract elements but is reluctant to define his work as either genre.  In fact, the subject of his work is based on the juxtaposition of opposing elements.

Moving between levels of distortion, Shave employs unusual materials such as metal pigments and powders, contrasting these with more traditional methods.  His works have been described as expressionist due to his use of intense earthy colours but the works are also highly formal, a balance between gestural painting and manufactured images.  Shave draws on images and impressions and identifies his process of working as "sifting through ideas, histories, processes and images that I've actually accumulated; redefining them into new groupings".

Reflections Series: Study for Painting No.1
Reflections Series: Study for painting No. 2
Reflections Series
Reflections Series 2