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St Ives Axonometric Blue by Toby Paterson

 St Ives Axonometric Blue by Toby Paterson 
Accession Code: wu0892
: St Ives Axonometric Blue
Date completed
: 2006
: Print
: Screenprint
Width (mm): 630
Depth (mm): 2006
Location Name: Senate House
Location Description: Wellbeing Support Services
Location Floor: 1

This screenprint was published by Tate St Ives, following a commission for a large wall painting in 2004. It echoes the visual vocabulary of modernist architecture at the same time as referring to constructivist paintings by artists such as Ben Nicholson and Victor Pasmore, the latter being represented by four works in the University collection. Axonometric is a method of drawing favoured by Architects, landscape gardeners and designers. It is a plan drawing given a third dimension, so we are able to see the construction not only from above but are also able to see its depth.

Purchased for the collection by the Friends of the Mead, in 2009.