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Toby Paterson

 Born 1974.

Toby Paterson lives and works in Glasgow; he studied at the Glasgow School of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. He has become one of the most successful of the younger generation of Scottish artists, exhibiting regularly at major galleries in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

His work explores the integration of art and architecture; he is particularly inspired by modernist building design and urban planning, and has a perspective on this gained through his experience of skateboarding which involves navigating spaces and structures embodied in the urban landscape. He works in a variety of forms ranging from small paintings on paper to wall paintings and large-scale architectural installations.

Paterson was awarded the Becks Futures Prize in 2002. In 2005 he was commissioned to create a site-specific work in Tate St Ives which responsed to various constructivist works in the Tate collection, particularly paintings by Victor Pasmore and Ben Nicholson. He has also completed commissions for the new Home Office building in Westminster, Glasgow Caledonian University and the BBC. He is currently a lead artist for the Stratford International Extension of the Docklands Light Railway which will play a key role in the transport plans for the 2012 Olympic Games.


Powder Blue Orthogonal Pavilion
St Ives Axonometric Blue
Pavilion Plan
A Miniature (Sofia Kiosk)