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A Miniature (Sofia Kiosk) by Toby Paterson

A Miniature (Sofia Kiosk) by Toby Paterson
Accession Code: wu1002
: A Miniature (Sofia Kiosk)
Date completed
: 2011
: Print
: Etching with Screenprint
Width (mm): 550
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Picture Store
Location Description:
Location Floor: 

©Courtesy of the artist

In 2006 Toby Paterson received an award from Creative Scotland, which allowed him to make a series of trips to Central and and Eastern Europe including the location of this work, Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. He was particularly interested in the way historical and political events shaped and left their mark on the cities he visited.

This print continued Paterson's exploration of the cities he visited, resulting in a series of seven works created in 2011 called Inchoate Landscapes. Working alongside the printers at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen, Scotland, he experimented with new printmaking techniques, which he hadn't tried before. In this particular work Paterson combines a screenprint on the right hand side, a technique with which he was familiar, together with an etching on the left hand side, a new technique for him. This print is an excellent example of the possibilities provided by different printmaking techniques in depicting the same image. The original photograph, taken in Sofia, is of a semi derelict Coca-Cola kiosk.

In Toby Paterson's words the prints hoped to "represent the excitement I feel about the richly chaotic visual qualities of the built environment".