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First Light by Tricia Gillman

First Light by Tricia Gillman
Accession Code: wu0770
Title: First Light
Date completed: 1985
Medium: Painting
Location Floor:

Tricia Gillman's work concentrates on colour. She admits to influence by the French artists Braque and Matisse who were labelled as fauves (wild beasts) after their brilliantly coloured and patterned paintings were shown at the Paris Salon of 1905. She also looks to the work of fifteenth century Italian artists such as Fra Angelico, Piero della Francesca and Bellini with its sense of arrangement of individual elements, often framed by architecture.

In First Light Gillman's handling of paint is lively and adventurous. Using brilliant coloured, thickly applied paint, she takes her inspiration from the landscape and from studies of interior spaces. These concerns are linked together in the depiction of a view of the landscape through the archway of a building or gate.