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Tricia Gillman

Born 1951, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Tricia Gillman studied at the University of Leeds (1970-74 B.A.) and the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1975-77 M.F.A). Between 1978 and 1982 she had teaching appointments at Newcastle Polytechnic, the Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry and St Martin's School of Art in London. From 1982-1993 she was Tutor in Painting at the Royal College of Art and from 1982 - 1993 was Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Central St Martins.

Gillman is a colourist whose work, by her own admission, owed much to that of Braque, Matisse, Fra Angelico, Piero della Francesca and to Bellini. However her early paintings, for which she attracted much acclaim, were large-scale, vibrant and essentially abstract though sometimes incorporating references to the real world with plant-like forms or architectural motifs.

Since 1979 she has exhibited regularly, predominantly in the UK but also in the USA, Canada and France. Over time her work has gradually taken on a different character with the use of mixed media and a more lighthearted form of mark-making and imagery. In 2004 she became a member of the London Group of Artists (established in 1913) a democratic artists’ collective encompassing all aspects of the visual arts; she features regularly in their annual exhibitions as well as at the Royal Academy. Retrospective exhibitions celebrating Gillman's work were held in Lancaster in 2004, in London in 2011 and Truro in 2012.

Public collections containing examples of her art include: the National Art Collection; the Stuyvesant Foundation; the British Embassy in Vienna; the University of Liverpool; the New Hall Art Collection, University of Cambridge; the University of Leeds and the University of the Arts, Central St Martins.


First Light
Passages: Between Sea and Sky