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Points of Contact No.1 by Victor Pasmore

Point of Contact No.1 by Victor Pasmore
Accession Code: wu0158
Title: Points of Contact No.1
Date completed: 1965
Medium: Print
Location Description: Chemistry
Location Floor: 2

© Estate of Victor Pasmore. All Rights Reserved, DACS 2021

Victor Pasmore was a very influential artist in the development of abstraction in Britain. In the 1930s he had been associated with the Euston Road School which encouraged the creation of realistic art based on observation.

However, in the 1940s he was converted to abstract art through the influence of the artist Paul Klee, and through contemporary theories about the harmonious balances achieved through the positioning of lines and shapes in space. He was a pioneer of relief constructions using contemporary materials such as aluminium and plastic. From the 1960s until his death he regularly used printmaking as a vehicle for his distinctive imagery.

In this screenprint the formation of small circles seem to shift as they move across the paper, similar to the movement of a flock of birds in flight.